Collect Waivers Anywhere!

WaiverFile makes it easy to collect waivers on a tablet, computer or mobile device. Customers can go to your website to sign in advance, or you can set up a kiosk on-site!


Waiver Kiosk on iPad - WaiverFile

Easy Setup

Setting up your waiver form is quick and easy with WaiverFile. Add your agreement text and setup all your question fields, including text boxes, multiple choice and more! 

How it works

Waiver form questions that are easy to setup

Check-In Dashboard

Keeping track of who has signed the waiver couldn’t be simpler. Our Waiver dashboard can be kept open on an employee’s tablet or computer. This screen will show the names of everyone who has signed their waiver, neatly grouped by event. Check-in mode lets you check off names of people as they arrive, so it's easy to manage events of any size. Waiver forms can also be quickly searched from this screen.

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Waiver Check-in Dashboard

Parties, Events and Groups

WaiverFile stands alone when it comes to events and groups. It's hard to keep track of groups of customers and make sure everyone has their waiver signed. WaiverFile organizes participants by event making it easy to keep track of each group and ensure that everyone has completed their waiver.

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Electronic Signatures

Automatically Sync with Other Services

WaiverFile automatically synchronizes your data with the other services you use, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Signpost, and more! The names, email addresses and other data that you collect on your waiver forms can be automatically sent to the email marketing services that you already use. Learn what services we connect to

Sync with MailChimp, Constant Contact, More...

Auto-Fill for Repeat Customers

If your business handles repeat customers, you can allow customers to create a password which will let them log in on return visits. Their form will be auto-filled and they can sign and agree again quickly, saving time and keeping check-in lines moving.

Repeat Customers can log in to auto-fill their info

Automatic Archive

An archive of all waiver data can be exported as an extra means of storage. The archive file arrives as a zipped directory of waiver files, all generated in HTML format along with an index page so you can navigate through and easily find waiver forms easily and offline. Archive files can be downloaded anytime through the site admin, and also be set to automatically be emailed on a weekly basis.

About Waiver Archiving

Automatic Waiver Archiving

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