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WaiverFile - Sign E-Waivers With a Real Signature

We are excited to announce a new feature in WaiverFile: signatures! Previously, agreements were made by clicking the ‘I Agree’ button. Now customers can sign their name! If on a computer, the signature is made using your mouse. If on a tablet or mobile device, such as an iphone or ipad, the customer can sign using their finger or a stylus.

The signature is stored along with each customer’s waiver and retained indefinitely. This additional level of electronic evidence helps verify the identity of those signing the form.

As always, our top priority is to ensure that the process of completing a waiver is quick and painless. The signature box we have implemented is fluid and displays a clean, attractive signature. Customers will be able to complete the form with no assistance ensuring that your check-in process flows faster.

How To Enable Signatures

If you already had waivers set up before this feature was released, you won't automatically see the signature box, but adding it is easy.
  • Log into your WaiverFile admin area at
  • Go to Settings >> Waiver Forms
  • For each waiver form you want to add a signature box to, click on General Settings
  • On this screen, check the box Include Signature Box (see screenshot below)
  • Click Save

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